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MEDIA RELEASE: Negotiating an enduring solution to Māori spectrum rights

26 May 2021


A pivotal conference hosted by the Māori Spectrum Working Group, is to be held at Te Wānanga o Raukawa on Tues 8 - Wed 9 June, where interests of Māori and the future of telecommunications spectrum allocation will be discussed.


Group spokesperson Antony Royal says the group are advancing Māori interests in radio spectrum by negotiating with the Crown. “The mandated group wants to negotiate an enduring solution to issues regarding radio spectrum.”


Renewed efforts were made following the Government’s plan to auction 5G spectrum, by the same Māori organisations that represented Māori over 4G spectrum auctions, including Treaty of Waitangi claimants. In 2020, the Government allocated a portion of the 5G radio spectrum to Māori however, these rights will only last to October 2022. A further auction is planned for 20-year rights beyond 2022. By this time the group plans to have their negotiations concluded and a new entity formed to administer spectrum allocated to Māori.


The conference titled Piki Ake, Kake Ake, aims to engage and inform Māori on the work of the group and to affirm the mandate. The hui will also highlight the role and purpose of the group. This includes talks currently being undertaken with Ministers and officials, and the iwi Chairs Forum, to explore Māori interests in spectrum. The hui will also provide some background in Radio Spectrum Management and the development of new technologies such as 5G.


The Māori Council Executive Director Matthew Tūkaki said at the time of the initial allocation “Resolving the long-standing issue of Māori interests are important for Māori, the Crown and the sector”.


Topics to be discussed at the conference include Tino Rangatiratanga, data sovereignty and workshops on 5G and AI advancements. Guest speakers include noted academic and broadcaster Piripi Walker, lawyer and lecturer, Ani Mikaere and Haami Piripi.




For further enquiries please contact:

Antony Royal

Interim Māori Spectrum Commission / Māori Spectrum Working Group

M: 021 431 848


Piripi Walker

Ngā Kaiwhakapūmau i Te Reo / Māori Spectrum Working Group

M: 027 4930 632

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